How can the Cowboys make a crowded receivers room work?

At some point this week, Jerry Jones hopes to meet with Dez Bryant to discuss the the wide receiver’s future with the Dallas Cowboys.

“Obviously we’ll get on point relative to this offseason, coming year, his health, how he’s doing, how he feels about his conditioning, working out, all of those kinds of things,” cheap nfl jerseys Jones said last week from the NFL owners meetings. “Certainly we’ll talk about our business.”

The business has been seared into the minds of Cowboys fans this offseason. Bryant is set to make $12.5 million in 2018. He is set to count $16.5 million against the salary cap. Executive vice president Stephen Jones has said the Cowboys need to look at Bryant’s contract, but there have not been discussions yet about a pay cut.

Perhaps this week there will be a resolution, but Jerry Jones said he has not had a thought about not having Bryant on the Cowboys roster in 2018.

He said this after the Cowboys added Deonte Thompson and Allen Hurns in free agency. They are added to a group that, at present, has Bryant, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, Noah Brown, Ryan Switzer, Lance Lenoir, Brian Brown and KD Cannon. He also acknowledged the Cowboys could select a receiver in the first round of the draft at the end of the month.

So how would the Cowboys make it all work, especially with an offense that will likely be run-first with running back Ezekiel Elliott? The answer falls on coach Jason Garrett.

“We’re going to have the same number of receivers on our team and the same number of plays in the game,” Garrett said. “We still want to be a team that is balanced and attacks a lot of different ways. cheap nfl authentic jerseys Every team in the league has that complement of guys. I think the more you can upgrade the talent and the competitiveness at each position, it’s going to bring out the best in everybody. I do think our style of play will be consistent with what it’s been. We want to be a physical team. We want to be able to run the ball. We want to be able to attack the defense in passing game. And we’ll continue to try to do that.


Bill O’Brien confident Deshaun Watson’s instincts will keep him healthy

The Houston Texans — and the rest of the NFL — found out last season that perhaps the most impressive part of Deshaun Watson’s game was his ability to use his legs to extend plays. authentic nfl jerseys cheap Now, coming off ACL surgery, Watson has to be especially smart about doing so, although head coach Bill O’Brien said he is confident in his young quarterback’s instincts to protect himself.

In six starts last season, Watson frequently made plays after the pocket collapsed and was a big part of the reason why Houston ranked 14th in the league in rushing; in seven games, Watson ran for 269 yards on 36 carries for 2 touchdowns.

Watson tore the ACL in his right leg during a practice last season on a drill in which he was simply handing the ball off to a running back — although he told ProFootballTalk this offseason that he thinks he loosened his ACL on a hit he took the Sunday prior against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Texans looked like a totally different team after Watson’s injury, with the less-mobile Tom Savage and T.J. Yates combining to go 1-8 the rest of the season. And while O’Brien has said the team needs to be smart about protecting Watson, who also tore the ACL in his left leg during his freshman year at Clemson, he also knows he can’t change a huge part of Watson’s game out of fear.

Part of the reason why O’Brien and the Texans can feel that way is because the head coach thinks Watson has “a knack for sliding and for ducking out of bounds” before he takes a hit.

“He has a really good instinct for maybe gaining the 5 or 6 yards and then going down before he takes the shot,” O’Brien said. “That’s a big thing that young quarterbacks usually have a problem with. nfl jerseys for cheap He seems to have an instinct for being able to stay out of harm’s way.”

Although Watson has good instincts to protect his body, O’Brien said the coaching staff has gone over being smart outside the pocket with the 22-year-old.