Brad Marchand opens up on the art of being a pest in Players’ Tribune

There are very few players in the National Hockey League that evoke the emotional response Brad Marchand does. The pesky Bruins forward is someone you either love, hate, or love to hate. On Thursday, Marchand released an article in the Players’ Tribune titled ‘Built for Boston,’ nfl cheap nike jerseys explaining that his irksome tendencies are nothing new.

The first story the Halifax, Nova Scotia native shares is from his childhood. There was a kid from Marchand’s neighbourhood who took his electric four-wheel truck and was driving away in it.

“He takes off. He’s driving around our garage, laughing. I’m fuming, man. This little rat is driving around my truck, in my driveway, honking my horn, you know? After about 30 seconds, I couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped right in front of the truck and put my hand out, like, “You’ll have to run me over.”

He stopped, and I shoved the kid right out of the front seat. Yoink.

He was on the ground crying, being a real baby about it, like, “Whyyyyyy.”278

I went riding off into the cul-de-sac, honking the horn. My mom says I had this little smirk on my face, too.”

Has anything changed? Nope. Not a single thing. The same kid who was smiling after he pushed a neighbourhood kid off his truck is the same kid who will give his opponent an extra jab and skate away as if nothing happened.

But as there is in many great stories, in Marchand’s there is a master, new nike nfl jerseys for sale cheap the person who taught him everything he knows. Growing up, the All-Star forward drew inspiration to be a pest from his slightly younger brother. I am sure anybody who has a younger sibling knows exactly what he is talking about.

“He was the original pest. He was my inspiration. We’d be out on the lake, shoveling snow for like two hours, and he’d claim that he had to do his science homework or something ridiculous like that. But of course he’d be inside on the computer typing away on AIM to some girl he liked. “Hey, hehe, lol. O.K. babe, BRB.”