Brook Lopez got his chance to meet the bat in San Antonio

The batty occurrences at the AT&T Center continued Sunday with play delayed for the third time this season when a bat swooped onto the court during the third quarter of the San Antonio Spurs’ 121-114 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

The scene reminded some Bucks players in the postgame locker room of a remark made to SB Nation by center Brook Lopez, who welcomes the opportunity a bat sighting could nike nfl jerseys china

“If you’ve learned anything from the modern superhero myth, if you see a bat around and it bites you, you have a 75 percent chance of ending up a superhero,” Lopez told SB Nation. “Otherwise, you’ll probably get really sick. But it’d be cool to be a superhero. You don’t need to be too afraid. I’d say give it a shot.”1

Remembering Lopez’s remarks, both Khris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe, sitting side by side in the locker room, asked Lopez where he was when the bat came onto the court.

“I was standing right there. It was swooping down on me. I made myself available,” Lopez said, spreading his arm wide while teammates nfl nike jerseys china

Antetokounmpo, meanwhile, asked Lopez and the media assembled near his locker why San Antonio’s mascot is “a Coyote and not bat.”

“Oh yeah, definitely [I was scared],” Antetokounmpo said. “I think this is the first time I’ve seen a bat up close. I’m scared of all the insects. I don’t like roaches. I don’t like ants. And if I don’t like that, I don’t like a bat. I tried to run away.”

Three bats delayed a Spurs game in January against the Phoenix Suns, and despite arena officials putting together a plan to stop another bat invasion, they weren’t able to prevent bats from delaying a Feb. 2 matchup against the New Orleans Pelicans for nearly two minutes. Prior to that game, arena officials erected netting to capture bats flying over the court.