Browns all-in for Super Bowl after trading for Odell Beckham Jr.

While the Pittsburgh Steelers are saying goodbye to two of their best players, the Browns are welcoming one of the most dynamic receivers in the league, playing in his prime, to Cleveland.

While the Baltimore Ravens defense has been gutted by free-agent defections, Dorsey has built one of the best defensive lines in the NFL.

While the Cincinnati Bengals languish, the Browns lavish. They lavish their team with an offense that has weapons all over the field. They lavish their young quarterback with two top-tier receivers. Most importantly, they lavish their fans with real and true hope — something that has been long absent with this nike nfl jerseys cheap

Consider: The Browns lose this year’s first-round pick (No. 17 overall) and a starting safety (Jabrill Peppers) in this deal, and they yawn. That’s how good this trade is for this team.1

For a change, it’s the other team — this time the Giants — having to explain a bizarre move that saw them trade a player they made the NFL’s highest-paid receiver less than a year ago (you almost wonder if they wake up to a New York firestorm and wonder if they should proceed).cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale

Where does an opposing team start when it comes to defending this offense? Baker Mayfield had a historic rookie season at quarterback. Nick Chubb ran for 996 yards as a rookie. Duke Johnson is a weapon out of the backfield. Kareem Hunt, who led the NFL in rushing in 2017, will be on the field at some point. Tight end David Njoku had 56 catches in 2018. At receiver, Beckham joins Jarvis Landry as a one-two combination that treats 1,000-yard seasons as routine. Beckham is dynamic, Landry sure-handed. Both are close with Mayfield.

Breshad Perriman balked at staying with the Browns after word of the trade broke, which is interesting. Perriman’s commitment to sign was treated with excitement before the trade. After the trade, it became another yawner. Perriman prefers Tampa, then so be it. But you have to wonder why a guy wouldn’t want to be part of this team. At this point, it would seem that players should want to join the Browns’ party.

With these personalities and this star power on this team, and with a freewheeling coach ready to try anything at any time, this team will be quite the party — on Sundays, Mondays and every other day that ends in “y.” This team will work to win, and if it does, it will have a rollicking good time.