Chris Jones uses gloves that ‘smell like a dead animal’ to chase sack streak

Defensive lineman Chris Jones was without a sack this season when he tried out a new pair of game gloves for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Week 5 contest against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jones got his first sack of the season that day. So he wore the gloves in the next week’s game against the New England Patriots. He got another sack.

Jones hasn’t changed gloves since and has at least one sack in 10 straight games, which ties an NFL record. He’ll go for the solo record Sunday night at the Seattle nike nfl jerseys china
The Chiefs will happily accept a foul aroma coming from Jones’ gloves because he’s having a breakthrough season. Jones has 14 sacks, which leads the Chiefs and is 2.5 behind the NFL leader, Aaron Donald of the Rams.

Somehow, Jones wasn’t selected for the Pro Bowl. He seemed at peace with the snub before practice on Wednesday.

“I try not to get into any of that,” Jones said.1

Jones, who predicted in training camp that he would lead the NFL in sacks despite a total of 8.5 in two seasons entering this year, has his sights on more than Donald. He wants to break Justin Houston’s Chiefs record of 22 set in 2014.

“That’s the plan,” Jones said. “There’s a long ways to go. I know it’s a long shot, but I feel like I can.”

Jones is hopeful he can at least catch Donald because of his superstitions, of which the gloves are only one. He also eats at the same chicken restaurant every Monday with the same two people — fellow defensive lineman Xavier Williams and former teammate Jarvis Jenkins — and has a standing nike nfl jerseys wholesale

“Even if I’m not hungry. I have to get the same meal, which is a chicken sandwich, a milkshake — milkshakes are delicious — two chicken breasts and three orders of fries,” Jones said. “I don’t eat all of this. It’s just the fact that I got it one time, had success with it, and I feel like if something’s not broken, why fix it?

“I pick through it. Of course I’m going to finish the shake. The shake is like the best thing ever. Dessert is always the best part of dinner.”