New Warrior Andrew Bogut realistic about NBA return

On the day it finally became official that he’d be swapping the harbour for The Bay — at least for a few months — Andrew Bogut gave off the impression of a man reveling in getting another chance.

“It’s a really cool story,” he said at a media conference in Sydney on Thursday.

A key piece of the Golden State Warriors as they built their legacy over half a dozen years ago, Bogut returns older, wiser and under no illusions of his role with the NBA nfl jerseys china nike

Bogut, the NBL MVP for 2018/19 in his first season back in the Australian league, confirmed plans to return to the Sydney Kings next season and revealed he’d been in contact with the Warriors since December, and that they were the only team he would have realistically returned to the NBA for.2

While ruling out any thoughts of ‘unfinished business’, Bogut did acknowledge the nature of his departure from Golden State in 2016, after the Centre was traded to Dallas to free up cap space for the Warriors to sign Kevin Durant.

“I understand it was a business decision. You have the opportunity to sign Kevin Durant and I’m the odd man out,” he said. “I mean, I would have done that to myself if I was the GM. It’s no hard feelings. These things happen and obviously I was disappointed, it got ramped up in the media that I was really bitter and hated everyone there. It was never the case.

“I’ve kept in touch with people – Draymond, Steph, Klay and … it’s cool to go back to somewhere where I’m valued, not only as a basketball player, but for basketball IQ and as a person, and hopefully I can add another ring to the collection.”cheap nfl nike jerseys from china

And while there’ll be a host of friendly faces, there’s one new teammate Bogut is looking forward to playing alongside.

“I’ve got to rekindle my relationship with DeMarcus Cousins because we really went at it when he was at Sac – a lot of near scuffles and holds and flagrant fouls, so I’m looking forward to being on the same team as him this time,” Bogut said.