Predicting the next top-100 player for all 30 teams

This won’t shock you if you have last year’s standings memorized, but the premium talent in baseball isn’t exactly spread evenly across the sport. The Yankees had nine players crack the MLB Rank top 100, the Astros had seven (including six in the top 40) as did the Red Sox, and eight other teams had at least five. Meanwhile, four teams had no players in the top 100 and eight others had just one. That helps explain why we had three 100-win teams and three 100-loss nike nfl jerseys wholesale

I don’t know if this talent dispersion is a historical anomaly, but I do know the level of talent is unbelievably high these days. As one example, Justin Turner comes in at No. 53 and all he has done the past three seasons is finish ninth, eighth and 14th in the MVP voting. That’s a pretty good 53rd-best ballplayer in the majors. The young talent is remarkable, with the likes of Ronald Acuna Jr., Juan Soto and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. all making the top 100 for the first time — in Guerrero’s case, even though he’s yet to play a game in the majors.2

That leads us to this question: Who’s next? For each team, I’ve nominated one candidate to be the next player from that franchise to appear on MLB Rank — not necessarily in 2020, but at some point in the future. The only rule: The player can’t be on this year’s list — so Mike Trout for the Phillies or Gerrit Cole for the Dodgers doesn’t count, as much fun as that would be to speculate. It’s OK if a player has appeared on a previous MLB Rank top nfl jerseys china nike

The teams are ordered based on points earned in the 2019 rankings: 100 points for the No. 1 player, 99 for No. 2 and so on, down to one point for No. 100. So, argue away …