Saints’ Drew Brees shares credit as he closes in on all-time passing yardage mark

“What are you talking about?” Brees deadpanned before letting out a big laugh.

Brees has insisted repeatedly that this isn’t the time for reflecting, and he wants to make his routine as normal as possible this week.

But even he admitted it’s “crazy” and he “never would have dreamed” of being here, 201 yards away from becoming the NFL’s all-time passing yardage leader, poised to pass both Peyton Manning and Brett Favre on Monday Night Football at home against the Washington nike nfl jerseys cheap

“It speaks to the longevity. And it says a lot about the teams I’ve been on, the coaches, the teammates, the players. Everyone has a hand in this, and I hope they know that,” said Brees, who told one of his classic stories about how he remembers playing in Miami during the preseason as a rookie in 2001 and looking up at all of Dan Marino’s numbers on the ring of honor and marveling at them.1

“At the time I was just hoping to solidify the backup position, and eventually maybe one day become a starter,” Brees said. “So to be sitting here 18 years later in striking distance … it’s just kind of mind-boggling.”

Brees also said it would be special to break the record at home — if it indeed happens — because the New Orleans fans have been such “a big part of this” since he arrived in 2006. It’s also special that his kids will be old enough to appreciate the moment — though if they’re aware it’s happening, they haven’t mentioned it.

“I have a feeling mom’s probably talked to ’em and said, ‘Don’t say anything,'” Brees said.

The good thing for both Brees and the Saints is that they have plenty of experience with moments like these. Brees broke Marino’s single-season passing yardage record at home on Monday Night Football in 2011. And he broke Johnny Unitas’ record of consecutive games with a touchdown pass at home on a Sunday night in 2012.

To Sean Payton’s credit, he didn’t try to deny the significance, saying it was a “fair question” when asked how much the team will address it this nfl jerseys cheap paypal

“Obviously, it’s a storyline,” Payton said, “but you always say that it’s just more special when you win. I’m sure Drew would feel the same way.”