The crazy underworld of NFL undrafted free agency

The NFL draft stretched three days and took in excess of 13 real-time hours for all the selections to be made. When it all wrapped, there were a total of 256 players selected by the league’s 32 teams.

Then the real chaos ensued. The draft quickly transitioned into undrafted free agency, which in reality was already underway for several hours in a wink-wink underground way that only the NFL can cultivate.official nfl jerseys cheap

Undrafted free agency is where teams net additional players (the Arizona Cardinals added 24 this year) in hopes of finding the next Kurt Warner, Victor Cruz or Jason Peters. It begins before the draft is finished, and goes crazy immediately after the final selection.133

It happens every year. There are significantly more NFL hopefuls than draft picks. This year, 336 players attended the NFL scouting combine alone. Hundreds more worked out across the country in hopes of an opportunity to make a roster. The leftovers from the draft sign as undrafted free agents, receive rookie-minicamp tryouts or are stuck banging on doors for a chance to prove they can play.

Wide receiver Jawill Davis is one of the 11 or so players who will officially sign with the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent when he reports for rookie minicamp Thursday. He will be joined by dozens of rookies, with some veterans sprinkled in on authentic jerseys cheap

Davis is one of several hundred prospects who waited to hear his name called in Rounds 6 or 7 before finally finding a team as an undrafted free agent around 7 p.m. on Saturday night after Day 3 of the draft, almost 48 hours after the Giants selected Penn State running back Saquon Barkley with their first of six picks.

“It was a frenzy for me. A long process. A long three days,” Davis said in a telephone conversation with ESPN several days after the madness. “The days I was hearing [to be drafted] were Friday and Saturday that I could be going. In the later rounds, a lot of phone calls, a lot of teams expressing they want me to come play for their team.”