To go for Gronk’s record, Colts’ Eric Ebron cuts out honey buns

Eric Ebron, despite his outer confidence, beaming smile and mouth that rarely stops moving, admits he didn’t know what was ahead of him after the Detroit Lions told him they didn’t plan to bring him back in the spring of 2018.

During his first four years in the NFL, Ebron had earned a reputation as a failed former first-round pick who struggled catching the ball.3

Now, some 14 months later, Ebron’s confidence is at an all-time high, his smile still lights up a room, and boy, oh boy, the Indianapolis Colts tight end’s mouth hasn’t stopped moving. And if Ebron has his way, his future will include moving past the retired Rob Gronkowski in the NFL record book.china nike nfl jerseys cheap

“I believe Gronk still holds the record for the most touchdowns [receptions by a tight end], which is 17,” Ebron said. “So if I want to do anything that is going to be real spectacular … I’ve got to go get 17. And if I go get 17, then what do I do? I help my team win games. I did that, proved that and I feel like if I’m at my best, then I feel like this team will be at their best.”

That’s a drastic mood change for Ebron since he arrived in Indianapolis last spring. He wanted to remove those doubts about his skills and he simply wanted to fit inside the locker room. He responded with a career-high 66 receptions, 750 yards, 13 touchdowns and Pro Bowl selection as a while being used as a hybrid receiver in coach Frank Reich’s offense.

“I feel like I always have the mismatch,” Ebron said. “I feel like I always can win against any opponent. I feel like if we are going to do anything further, then I have to take my game further. So that is kind of my next step: What can I do to elevate myself? What can I do to elevate me physically, mentally? That’s the next step.”cheap nike nfl jerseys free shipping

The next step — one that has taken a lot of fighting to accomplish — started in Ebron’s kitchen.

He’s eliminated his biggest weakness: honey buns, which could pack as many as 500 calories each.

“I’m a snacker,” Ebron said. “When it comes to the night, we put the kids to sleep and that pantry looks real good so I could tear that thing up. I can’t do that no more. … I’m on a diet, trying to be the best person I can be. I cut out of a lot of BS.”

Avoiding those late-night urges is just one of the things that could get in Ebron’s way in the record books.

There was no doubt that Gronkowski was Tom Brady ’s favorite target in New England. The Colts’ offense is predicated on spreading the ball around between the passing and running game so that they’re not predictably easy to defend. The words “scary” and “dangerous” have been used by some of the players in describing how good they can be offensively next season with the receivers quarterback Andrew Luck has at his disposal.