Tom Coughlin’s triumphant trip home, and what it really meant

Coughlin had a little fun with that claim. “I love how they say the computer [affects scheduling],” he said. “They didn’t need a computer for this one. This was earmarked.”

Make no mistake: It was earmarked on the Coughlin family calendar, too. People who know the coach say he was angrier about losing his job than he ever let on publicly, even if his demeanor before this game mirrored his would-be demeanor in Week 12 against nfl nike jerseys from china

“We came over on the same bus today, and he didn’t talk to me about it,” said Jaguars offensive-line coach Pat Flaherty, a member of Coughlin’s championship staffs in New York in the 2007 and 2011 seasons. “As crazy as it is, Tom acted the same way he does every other week. Even [Saturday] night, he sits in the meetings, and he’s involved just like he always is, and yet I didn’t notice anything different about him.3

Flaherty knows Coughlin better than most in the football business, so he was asked if he felt his boss got a raw deal from the Giants after he followed a second Super Bowl victory over New England, in the 2011 season, with three consecutive losing years.

Flaherty paused. “A raw deal?” he said. “You know, it’s interesting. Twelve years is a long time in this business, and I was with him those 12 years. It seemed like every time they wanted to run him out, we won the Super Bowl. I guess we just ran out of steam. We didn’t win that third Super Bowl.

“But I don’t think you should have to win the Super Bowl every four years to stay with your program, if that answers your question.”nfl nike jerseys for cheap

It did. Coughlin won a title with Manning while based in the old Giants Stadium, and then he won another with Eli while based in MetLife — memorable victories that, paired with his success as a coach and executive over two stays in Jacksonville, will likely land him someday in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.