Warriors remain confident despite week of turmoil

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green sat just a locker stall away from each other on the Golden State Warriors’ Texas trip from hell. A few days after an emotional blowup in Los Angeles that caught the entire league’s attention and caused many to speculate about their futures, there the All-Star teammates were prior to Sunday night’s latest setback, doing exactly what the basketball world thought they would be doing.nfl nike jerseys cheap china

It was an entirely normal exchange in a week that has been anything but for a franchise that has lived a charmed life during Steve Kerr’s four-plus seasons.2

“I just think if we would have won these past two games, nobody would be talking about it anymore,” Warriors backup point guard Quinn Cook said of the Durant-Green incident. “I think we just got to be better on the floor, and nobody will remember this once we start winning again.”cheap nike nfl jerseys from china

If there were still awkwardness between Durant and Green, Cook would know. Cook was the one whose locker stall sat between theirs on Sunday, and he’s the one who has known Durant for years, dating to when they were both growing up in the D.C. area. The Warriors all understand that they must foster an environment for both men to build their relationship back up throughout the season. But even after losing four of their past five games and dealing with all the issues of the past week, Cook and his teammates remain confident in Green’s and Durant’s ability to make things work as they chase another championship together.

“He’s good,” Cook said of Durant. “Obviously, he wants to win every game. But it’s his 12th year. There’s no need to panic. We’re following his lead, and everything will take care of itself.”

The real issue for the Warriors in the short term isn’t how Durant and Green will coexist. It’s how the team can find success without Green and Stephen Curry on the floor.