What a starting pitcher’s major league debut reveals in fantasy

In the wake of the hyperextended right elbow of Jacob deGrom,wholesale cheap nfl jersey china the New York Mets are calling on P.J. Conlon to make his MLB debut Monday. The 24-year-old will seek to join the ranks of those pitchers who have made somewhat of a splash over the past week or so of the 2018 season with strong starts to what they hope will be very long careers.

First, there was Pittsburgh’s Nick Kingham and his close-to-perfect win over the Cardinals two Sundays ago. On Tuesday, Atlanta’s Michael Soroka held the Mets in check for six solid innings of one-run ball to win his first game. Wednesday saw Minnesota’s Fernando Romero shut out the Blue Jays through the first 23 batters he faced as a member of the Twins.

Romero will also be on the hill Monday, hoping to keep the momentum going. As for both Kingham and Soroka, Game No. 2 of their respective careers was not quite as stellar, with both allowing four earned runs, though the Pirates did give Kingham enough run support for him to go to 2-0.97

Not surprisingly, I’ve been hearing lots of questions from fantasy managers regarding these new pitching options and whether I’m buying their first impressions. While it’s easy to pull out the stock answers of small sample size and “Let’s see what happens after teams get a chance to watch some tape on these guys,” I was actually curious to see exactly how common strong debuts such as these actually are.

Since 2000, 674 players have taken the mound as a starting pitcher on the day they made their major league debut. Here is a bit of a statistical breakdown of these outings:

These rookies have a combined record of 193-235 with 246 no-decisions in their first starts.

In terms of the length of these outings, 69.4 percent threw at least five innings. Only 12.4 percent made it into the seventh, and just two (Jason Jennings in 2001 and Andy Van Hekken in 2002) threw complete-game shutouts. Jennings would go on to win the NL Rookie of the Year Award in 2002, cheap nfl jersey wholesale but as he pitched in Colorado, that was the high point of his nine seasons. Van Hekken started four more games for Detroit (4.29 ERA) that season and never again started in the majors — though at age 38, and after a lengthy stint with Nexen in Korea, he is back in the Atlantic League hoping to get one more shot at The Show.